What is C4?

mushroomsC4 is a new generation functional and culinary fungi company. Rooted in social responsibility, health and environmental awareness, C4 is committed to producing our mushrooms in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner, using locally sourced material and technologies whenever possible.



pink oyster mushroomsWith an intense focus on quality, holistic value and customer service, we are redefining the basis of competition in the certified organic culinary and functional fungi industry.

C4 Mushrooms are cultivated in scientifically controlled, low carbon footprint environments. We call these pristine environments our “C4 Techno Caves”.

Based on container and energy efficient hydroponic technologies, our C4 Techno Caves utilize advanced sensor technologies and cloud services to provide the optimal environment for the cultivation of organic mushrooms.


king trumpet mushroomsCombining advanced technology, genetics, agricultural advances, nutrition science, organic farming techniques and proprietary innovations with a passion for mushrooms, enables C4 to provide the highest quality organic mushrooms and mushroom-based products.